The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released statistics early this year showing that 125,000 over 65s were seriously injured in falls in the preceding two years, many of which occurred in the bathroom. Often, an elderly person who has a bad fall will break bones or at the very least suffer major bruising. In either event, it can mean the start of reliance on mobility aids and in the worst outcomes, the need for permanent care in an aged care facility.

Upgrade the Bathroom for Seniors to Prevent Accidents

This can be avoided by modifying the family bathroom to accommodate the needs of the elderly while they are still independent or accessing assisted living services in their own homes. Upgrading the bathroom when they first experience minor difficulties can prevent these bad falls so that retirement is a time of enjoyment and not one of pain and discomfort.

If the Budget is Small, Spend the Money on the Shower

Even though many seniors may have both a shower and a bath in their bathroom, the best and safest option with the least risk of falling is to forego bathing and use the shower instead. If keeping the cost down is a factor, it is better to use the funds to upgrade the shower and leave the bath as is for the time being.

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Reduce Tripping Hazards and Slippery Floors

When modifying the shower enclosure for seniors, or installing completely new shower screens, it is desirable where possible to avoid a large step up into the shower. This becomes a tripping hazard for elderly people whose strength and balance diminish with age. The floor surface in the shower enclosure should be made from non-slip materials that keep their grip even when wet.

Shower Seats and Removable Shower Heads Add to Comfort

If there is enough space in the shower enclosure, installing a shower seat allows a senior the option of sitting down while showering, should they start feeling unsteady. A seat is also useful for assisted living clients to use while they are being showered. A removable shower head on a vertical rail also makes showering easier.

The Final Touch – Grab Rails and Lever Mixer Taps

Grab rails give seniors a feeling of security that they can shower themselves without assistance. These should be securely fixed inside the shower at the right height to suit the occupant. For the final touch, install lever mixer taps which allow users to turn on and adjust the hot and cold water with one hand.