To say that modern technology has transformed both the way we work and the way we live is an obvious understatement. It seems that not a week goes by without news of some new product, research finding, computer program or other invention that further expands the boundaries of human achievement. Many households now own multiple electronic devices such as gaming consoles, computers, laptops, printers, tablets and the like, and this is just in the average family home.

A Home Business Needs a Home Office

New technology has also expanded the way we do business, and thousands of people are now running small businesses from their homes. These people not only have all the gadgets of the average family, but they also need to communicate with customers and to keep records. This has given rise to the need for a properly functional home office.

What if there is No Spare Room?

Running a home-based business has several advantages. There is no long commute into work, you can work your own hours and some of the expenses of running the office can be claimed to reduce taxable income. Some people have the space for a whole room to be converted into an office, but for many people just starting out, space is limited so a little lateral thinking is required.

This is where we come in. Although our business is called Budget Shower Screens, we also supply and install wardrobes. We think outside the square by supplying this product not only as a wardrobe, but also as a linen cupboard, as laundry storage and as a study or a home office. All we need is some space.

Think Outside the Square

If you are still struggling with the concept, think of it this way. A room is a room because it has walls, a floor and a ceiling. A wardrobe is just a room within a room, with walls, a floor and a ceiling.

Convert That Junk Corner

Now, do you have a space within your house that has no real purpose other than to store all the junk you keep meaning to sell, donate or throw out? Clear it out, give us a call and we will install a suitably sized wardrobe with a sliding door that you can either keep open when you are working, or shut for privacy.

Add high shelving for storage and to place a printer, another shelf at desk height for the laptop, phone and other office equipment, an ergonomic chair and good lighting; make sure that there is a good flow of air. Now enjoy your small but functional home office without the cost of adding a room to the house.