As every property owner will confirm, moving in is just the first step in a long relationship with your property, and the way in which you make it a home. This is different for everyone, as we all have varying tastes and differing needs. It also involves making your home a place where family and visitors feel welcome.

Is a Bathroom Upgrade Expensive?

As the years fly past, d├ęcor that was once fashionable becomes dated, and even the best-kept interior eventually looks shabby unless you do some refurbishing. Even though the bathroom is the most used area in the house, it is usually left until last. Perhaps you think it would be too expensive to upgrade.

We can clear up that misconception for you right now. Of course, you may have a budget big enough to demolish your existing bathroom and remodel it into something fantastic. If, however, like many home owners, you want a modern and stylish bathroom on a budget, we have everything you need at Budget Shower Screens.

Old Shower Screens Look Shabby and Trap Grime

Even though we have installed new shower screens in hundreds of bathrooms, we are always surprised at the difference just this one action can make to the overall appearance of their bathroom. Many bathrooms have tiling that is still serviceable and free of chips and cracks. It is usually the old shower screens that make the room look shabby.

Over time, soap scum, grime and household dust builds up in the shower tracks and on the glass. Even the most fastidious housekeeper will eventually find it impossible to clean the shower screen back to its original condition. This affects the overall appearance of the rest of the room, even though it may be scrupulously clean.

Existing Tiling Looks Clean Through New Glass

Removing the old shower screens and tracks, and replacing them with our new, modern and spotless products will lift the entire room. Those tiles that are still in good condition now appear clear and clean, all traces of grime disappear and you can now think about perhaps painting the walls, the cheapest option to spruce up the rest of the room.

New Screens around the Bath Open the Space

This works just as well if you have a shower over the bath instead of a separate shower cubicle. These old screens look fussy and bulky compared with the thin frames of the new, modern screens. Replacing them with one of our clear glass screens opens up the whole space, making it appear light and airy.

No Need to Spend a Fortune

We make our screens to fit your space, and we will have a shower screen product in our range to suit your needs and budget. There is no need to spend a fortune to have a stylish, modern bathroom.