Are you designing a bathroom for your new home, or perhaps renovating an old, outdated one? Have you been flicking through magazines and web sites for the latest ideas, colours and finishes? Or do you have some ideas of your own? With so much information available, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

Don’t Sacrifice Functionality for the Latest Style

Unfortunately, that is when people make poor choices, often sacrificing functionality to get a certain look. They squeeze in every design feature they want, and then find there is no room left for storage, for example. This cluttered space is then difficult to keep clean, so the newly completed bathroom quickly loses the pristine look that is so desirable.

Our company, Budget Shower Screens, supplies and installs bath and shower screens in both new and renovated bathrooms. Our screens are made to measure so they fit any space in your bathroom, and we offer a two-year guarantee on all moving parts and frame coatings.

A Successful Bathroom Makeover Combines the Best of Both Worlds

For a bathroom layout to be truly successful, it must be functional. Since we have been in business, our installers have seen some spectacular bathrooms with expensive tiling and fittings. They have seen free-standing baths, spa baths, double showers with rainfall shower heads, large mirrors to bounce light around the room and many other new and fashionable accessories.

Add Space by Thinking Outside of the Square

In a relentless pursuit of style, however, they have also seen owners miss opportunities to add all-important functionality to their new and expensive bathroom makeover. Where space is at a premium, they install in-wall cisterns, but neglect to swap traditional doors for ones that slide into the wall cavity. A door opening inward to a small bathroom takes up valuable space, so replacing it with a slider is the perfect solution.

Make the Best Use of Natural Light during Daylight Hours

Dark, gloomy bathrooms have been banished in favour of everything light and bright, from the colours used in wall and floor tiles, to paints, fittings and window dressings. Many new bathrooms use multiple downlights, which direct artificial light onto specific features in the room. They look great when switched on, but otherwise have no effect.

This is another opportunity gone begging, one in which some thought about functionality would have delivered a better result, not the least of which is a reduced energy bill. Installing a larger window or a skylight floods the room with natural light during the day, giving the downlights the opportunity to set the mood at night.

Get Value from Alternatives

A good bathroom design blends both style and function, so always look for alternatives to get the most value. Our seamless shower screens are a good place to start.