The bathrooms of today are a long way from the basic, functional rooms of yesteryear when you consider that many homes did not have a separate room for bathing. Householders relied on a sheet hung across the door for modesty while cleaning themselves in a tub on the kitchen floor.

Modern Bathrooms a Haven for Stress Relief

Nowadays, we prefer to have a separate bathroom and many of us enjoy our daily splash in a glamorous setting, complete with mood lighting and wall to floor tiling. Even in more modest homes, the bathroom has become a space for relaxation and peace; however, modest does not mean shabby.

We are specialists at transforming the average bathroom to one with style and pizzazz. At Budget Shower Screens, we can makeover your old bathroom with our range of modern shower and bath screens. We measure, supply and install at prices the average person can afford, so a new bathroom does not have to break the bank.

Simple Touches can Lift the Look without being Expensive

The beautification of your bathroom need not stop with new screens. With a modest budget and some clever tricks, even the most functional parts of the room can be attractive. Replace your old taps and shower heads with clean, modern and shiny new ones, and be amazed at how different the room looks.

New Mirror, New Look

Now replace that old, stained mirror with a pristine new one. If you opted for semi-frameless shower screens, match the mirror to the frame for a perfect partnership, or make a statement with one of our polished edge frameless mirrors.

Lighting Lifts and Changes the Mood

Is the lighting in your bathroom dull and uninspiring? Discard the old-fashioned screw-in bulb and shade in the middle of the ceiling and install an exhaust fan/LED light combination. Not only will the room be brighter, but also condensation will be reduced.

Quick Clutter Buster

Shampoo bottles, deodorant and perfume spray containers and a dozen other useful but unattractive items clutter most bathrooms, making them look untidy. The average vanity unit is usually not big enough to contain them, so investigate other options such as a three-drawer storage unit or even a trendy basket.

New Bathmats – Easy Peasy

Now for the final touch. Toss out those old bathmats and replace them with new ones in bright colours matching the existing décor. Add a hanging plant that loves warm and wet conditions and you have a bright, modern new look without a major and expensive makeover.