Mirrors serve several other purposes apart from allowing us to check that we look presentable before going out. Correctly placed, they can make a small room look larger, bounce light around to illuminate dark corners, and add an elegant touch to an otherwise boring decor. Safety mirrors allow us to see around blind corners and prevent collisions, and security mirrors can deter potential shoplifters.

Mirrors Not Just a Utility Object

In fact, mirrors are no longer just a utility object, and they are available in custom sizes, shapes and either framed or frameless. The frameless varieties are currently enjoying popularity, especially in bathrooms with a minimalist theme, but framed mirrors have never really been out of fashion. These days, they are available in a range of materials and a wide variety of styles.

It’s Not Easy Choosing the Right Style

Are you having trouble deciding on the right mirrors for your home? Start by looking at the overall theme of your property, then look for a style of mirror frame that matches it. If your home has a fifties retro vibe, for example, then a frameless mirror would not fit the era. Similarly, your home may have an old-world, elegant look, so an ornate frame would be appropriate.

We are a Brisbane company specialising in shower screens, wardrobes and mirrors. Here at Budget Shower Screens, we have a range of framed and frameless mirrors in popular sizes to suit bathrooms, powder rooms and as feature mirrors in any situation. Our frames are available in powder coated or anodised finishes that are long-lasting, stay looking like new and are easy to keep clean.

Ornate Frames Look Great but Need Regular Cleaning

Even though they look attractive in the right situation, ornate frames, especially those that have been hung in a room for many years, are difficult for today’s busy home-owners to keep clean. Dust quickly gathers in every small niche and on every design feature and needs to be removed regularly.

Modern Mirrors Complete the Look of Any Room

Most new homes, as well as older ones that have undergone a makeover, lend themselves to the modern style of mirrors that we have available. We have installed our framed 19 mm x 12 mm mirrors in many of our clients’ homes, from brand new to those over 50 or 60 years old. The size and placement of these mirrors makes them a desirable design feature in any room.

Silver Frames and Polished Edges Look Great Together

Our slimline framed mirrors are ideal for tiled recesses, and the bright silver frame lends elegance while still looking up-to-the-minute by exposing the polished edges of the mirror. We offer the best of both worlds with our range, so if you are still in doubt, give us a call.