Household cleaning is not usually a favourite pastime, but most of us realise it is necessary to maintain a somewhat regular cleaning regime. With time at a premium in our busy lives, we can make cleaning easier by decluttering our dwellings, and when we are renovating or building a new home, incorporating easy-clean principles into our designs.

Forget Paint and Wallpaper

A bathroom is the perfect room to test these principles and one of the hardest rooms to keep clean if it is ignored. While ornate tapware and accessories with matching paintwork or wallpaper might be a d├ęcor you are considering, when it comes to ease of cleaning, these are not the best choices.

Tiled Walls Easy to Clean

In high work areas such as bathrooms, painted walls get dirty quickly, especially around places that are touched multiple times every day such as power points, near the vanity basin and next to wall-hung towel rails and hooks. Tiled walls come clean with a quick wipe over with a damp cloth as opposed to the effort involved in washing walls or wallpaper.

An Obstacle-Free Floor is a Breeze to Clean

Keeping the floor as free of obstacles as possible is another easy-clean principle worth considering. Installing a wall-hung vanity unit, and if required in the bathroom a toilet pedestal, makes cleaning the floor a breeze. There is nothing to attract dust or grime, eliminating the need to scrub around fixtures. A quick spray with cleaner and a wipe over with a cloth will have everything sparkling.

Keep Tapware Simple

Modern tapware is sleek, shiny and fuss-free and much easier to clean than some of the ornate and showy products that were popular in the past. If you are tempted to revive the trend, just remember that every swirl, carved feature and protrusion will attract every speck of dust and grime. Rather than a quick rub over with a cloth, you will need to scrub every nook and cranny to clean your tap fittings.

Less is more in the Shower

If we use the easy-clean principle of less is more and apply it to shower screens, then semi-framed and frameless screens are much easier to clean than those with heavy frames. Couple these with recessed shower shelves and tiled walls, and keeping your shower sparkling will be easy. Hang a squeegee in the shower area for a quick wipe over after each shower, and cleaning will be a breeze.

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