Continued research resulting in improvements in the quality and safety of glass has extended the range of this product well beyond just closing off a window space from the weather. It now has a multitude of uses, and in the case of the humble shower recess, it has been raised from a pokey cubicle to a clean, bright and airy space that ticks every box in the minimalist checklist for designer bathrooms.

What are the Alternatives to Glass?

Although glass is now the preferred product for a shower screen, some consumers would still prefer an alternative. Plastic is available for this purpose, so should we be re-considering our approach when replacing an ageing shower screen or even creating a completely new bathroom?

Does Plastic Have an Image Problem?

When we think about plastic, a picture of a cracked, yellowed panel immediately comes to mind because, many years ago, plastic screens did not keep their new appearance for very long. Times have changed however, and today’s plastic screens are a viable alternative to glass for some applications.

Features of Acrylic Shower Screens

Acrylic is a modern plastic material that is lightweight, can be cut to any shape and is easily handled by installers. It is available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and many different colours and textures. Acrylic shower screens will not break and cause injury if someone falls against them.

Just like glass, acrylic screens are available in framed, semi-framed and seamless to suit every taste in interior design. They are also easy to keep clean, with just water and detergent required to wipe them over, followed by drying with a microfibre cloth. There are no solvents of chemical cleaners required.

Making a Choice between Glass and Plastic

As with any product, deciding between plastic and glass for your shower screens depends on several things. Cost, availability, compatibility with the rest of the bathroom décor, safety, design limitations and choice of styles, colours and textures are all things that most people planning a new bathroom would be considering. Although acrylic screens can most likely meet all these requirements, glass remains uppermost in the minds of most consumers.

Here at Budget Shower Screens, we supply and install a range of shower and bath screens using both clear and frosted safety glass. The Australian Standards and our national building codes require all shower screen glass to be made to certain specifications to ensure it is safe to use in any bathroom situation. Our clients can be confident that the glass we use meets these specifications.

Research, Compare and Decide

As with any home improvement purchase, consumers should research the product they want, compare prices, convenience, design and style and make their choice based on what best suits their needs.