Regardless of how much space we have in our dwellings, there is always that one room or challenging corner that looks small and pokey. When our effort to make it look bigger with light wall colours and small furniture doesn’t solve the problem, where do we turn next? To mirrors, of course, the perfect, cost effective way to create the illusion of space.

Modern interior designs feature open plan areas that reflect light and are bright and welcoming. When knocking out a wall to create this effect is not an option, the clever placement of mirrors will produce a similar result. At Budget Shower Screens we have a comprehensive range of mirrors that will help you create the illusion of space anywhere in your home.

Open Up a Small Room with a Mirror on the Far Wall

To open up a small room, place a large mirror on the wall furthest from the door. This draws the eye towards the mirror and away from the walls, making the whole room look bigger. The mirror also reflects light around the room, where it bounces off any other reflective surfaces like polished furniture or fittings, continuing the optical illusion.

Use Mirrors to Make Hallways Look Wider

Hallways and staircases, while necessary to give access to other rooms in the dwelling, can easily spoil that desired, open look. If they are narrow, they can invoke unpleasant claustrophobic feelings in some people, but this is easily solved with the judicious placement of mirrors. Hanging several mirrors in a staggered pattern on both sides of the walls will make the space appear wider than it is.

How to Hide Central Pillars

Mirrors are also great for hiding other challenging interior features such as central pillars. These break an otherwise open area into two smaller ones, reducing the effect of what would otherwise be a large, airy space. By placing mirrors on all four sides of the pillar, it almost disappears from view and increases the amount of light being reflected around the room.

Rooms Need More Depth? Do it with Mirrors

Do you have a room that is otherwise spacious but lacks depth? Instead of having all light coloured walls, paint one in a dark colour, then hang an eye-catching mirror on it. This is another example of drawing the eye to a desired spot and away from the other walls, increasing the visual depth of the whole room.

These are just a few of the ways that mirrors can be used to make spaces appear larger than they are. Our mirrors are available in frame less, semi-framed and fully framed and also in styles to suit every taste. At Budget Shower Screens you will find just the mirror you need to create that feeling of extra space at a fraction of the cost of a renovation.