The new housing market is still faltering, and with people reluctant to take on large mortgages, they are choosing instead to renovate their existing home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the areas that get first attention, and are also the most expensive to completely tear apart and rebuild. But often, especially if the house is less than twenty years old, there is no need to be so drastic, especially in the bathroom.

Budget Shower Screens are a dynamic company servicing the Greater Brisbane area, specialising in the supply and installation of sleek, modern and stylish shower screens. While they are expert at installing sparkling new bathrooms in new dwellings, they also relish the challenge of updating a tired and dated bathroom in an existing home. They have found that the bathrooms in many older homes don’t need an expensive total renovation, just a little sprucing up.

What a New Shower Screen can do for an Old Bathroom

When Budget Shower Screens approach a job like this, the first thing they recommend to the home owner is a new glass shower screen. Despite the best cleaning efforts, over time the shower screen, sliding tracks and frame retain traces of mould and soap scum. Pulling out the old screen and frame completely and replacing it with a dazzling new one gives an instant face-lift at a fraction of the cost. Customers love this approach because they save heaps of money on the bathroom leaving plenty to spend elsewhere in the home.

Improvements in the technology supporting these structures have allowed the development of much finer frames. These seamless lines add an elegance and style that puts the older, chunkier framed shower screens to shame. With these new glass shower screens, there are few nooks and crannies for mould to hide and spread, making cleaning a breeze. Time saved here can be better spent having fun in other pursuits.

Bathrooms are notorious for being small so anything that can give the illusion of increased size adds value. If the renovation doesn’t include extending the room itself, installing a semi-frameless screen opens up the room. The eye is easily fooled, and by not stopping short at a bulky frame as it travels around the space, the room appears much larger. The large expanse of uninterrupted glass is the perfect minimalist look so favoured today by interior designers. Add new tap fittings, re-grout the wall and floor tiles and hey presto! – a new bathroom.

Even a bathroom without a shower recess can take on an up to date classic look with a new screen. The old screens typically had a chunky runner across the entire top of the bath tub which took away from the overall style of the bath. Budget Shower Screens can install a new screen in a choice of framed, semi-framed or frameless. The frameless ones especially look fantastic. They are barely visible, the only hint of their existence being the two shiny hinges, moulded in a semi-circle for added pizzazz.

If you are building a new home, or renovating your established home, you want a sensational bathroom. Budget Shower Screens have years of experience and an excellent reputation for quality and service. They can show you the spectacular results they have had on past work, and a range of elegant and modern new screens. Why would you go anywhere else but to Budget Shower Screens?