It is an exciting time for a household when any refurbishment or renovation is being planned. There are lots of decisions needed, much discussion, and let’s face it, even some arguments about styles, colours and finishes. Charts with colours for paint choices, home decorating magazines and fabric samples start appearing on dining room tables, and an air of expectation surrounds the whole project.

Modern Bathroom Design is Challenging and Exciting

If this next project is a new bathroom, do not be fooled into thinking that it won’t be as challenging as other rooms. Modern bathrooms are more than just a place to shower and hang up a few towels. They are elegant, luxurious and, when done well, add thousands of dollars in value to the dwelling.

A Staggering Array of Choices

The variety of styles available in just the baths and basins is staggering, without even thinking about items such as tiles, wall sheeting, shower screens and window placement. Tapware comes in various shapes and finishes; special lighting can create stunning effects and, depending on the size of the space, other fixtures and some furniture may be needed to complete the picture.

In our many years in business, we have seen some wonderful, imaginative bathrooms that would not look out of place in a five-star hotel. Our installers look forward to getting to a job to see the final effect when they fit the custom-made products we create at Budget Shower Screens.

Forward Planning Essential to Keep it all In Sync

Every aspect of the new bathroom should be planned to make it easier to co-ordinate the colours and styles of additional furniture and fixtures to bring the whole project together. Often, items like mirrors, shelving, accessories and small furnishings such as seats and waste bins are last minute, hurried decisions. Choosing styles or colours that don’t suit the rest of the décor can result in a finished effect that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Don’t Go Overboard Unless you Love Cleaning

Because bathrooms need to be hard wearing as well as looking good, think carefully before choosing fussy, ornate furniture and fixtures. Remember that every groove in those beautiful taps or the design etched into that antique cabinet you want as a design feature will be a haven for dust. This becomes damp in this steamy environment, encouraging mould and making it hard to clean.

Clean, Uncluttered Shower Screens the Finishing Touch

Our shower screens are the perfect complement to the wonderful baths, basins and tapware now available. The open, semi-frameless style is clean and uncluttered, and allows light to bounce around the room. You may have chosen an overall minimalist effect, or something with more colour and warmth, but whatever your theme, our screens are the finishing touch your new bathroom needs.