In our homes there is always the need for a space of peace and tranquility. A room to unwind, to free ourselves from the stresses of the day and to be away from the troubles in the world. The room this ends up being is different for different people.

For some the escape room in the house is the kitchen or bedroom but for many it is the bathroom. In our bathrooms we prepare for the day and we also unwind for the day. Whether it is applying makeup, taking a shave or getting ready for bed, bathrooms are often the rooms where we spend the beginning and end of the day.

If the bathroom is the relaxing room for you in the house it makes sense to decorate your bathroom in such a way that makes it more comfortable and relaxing for you to be in. At Budget Shower Screens we have seen a lot of different bathrooms during installation of our beautiful shower screens.

While it is our business to install shower screens and mirrors to your bathroom we wish to offer some tips on designing or decorating your bathroom with a Zen feel so that you can get the best out of your ‘chill out’ time, whatever time of day it may be.


Look up images for any Zen bathroom and you will see there is plenty of timber. Whether it’s a deep, dark and rich colour or a light blonde, timber offers a welcoming and warm feel to bathrooms.


The feeling of Zen is about getting back to basics and being in touch with nature. Bamboo as well as natural tones and fibres make for an excellent Zen bathroom. Use happy plants or bonsai trees in the bathroom.

Bring outside in

Don’t be afraid to create a small Zen garden in your bathroom or just outside the window. A spa or large bath with a plant box full of oriental style plants and some moss around the edge can make for a very unique style with plenty of Zen.

Avoid clutter

Zen spaces don’t have clutter. When designing and decorating your bathroom ensure there is a place for all of your lotions and other items out of sight. Cupboards with appropriate storage are a must. The less clutter the calmer you will feel, adding to the Zen of your bathroom.

Of course every Zen bathroom needs perfectly suited high quality shower screens and mirrors. Contact us, Budget Shower Screens, today to find out about how we can help by adding our amazing products to your Zen inspired bathroom.