Is Your Bedroom Wardrobe A Shambles?

In every well-kept home there is usually one storage space that is not as well organised as the rest of the dwelling. Often, that space is the bedroom wardrobe. After all, who else is going to see it but you?

Start with a Plan

Eventually, though, the mess becomes so bad that you can’t find anything, and that’s the time to tidy […]

Are You Afraid To Open Your Wardrobe?

How many times have you gone to your wardrobe to dress for a special occasion, only to moan about not having a thing to wear? Most of us have the same problem. Our wardrobes are jammed with clothing, shoes, belts, scarves and other accessories and we are all far too busy to get them in order.

Poor Wardrobe Storage Inefficient […]

Big Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Watch any of the current real estate programs and you will soon realise that trying to sell a home with very little wardrobe space is an uphill battle. Everyone needs more places to store all the possessions they have accumulated. People inspecting dwellings to either buy or rent are now looking closely at storage space along with all […]

Have You Run Out Of Storage Space? Here Are Some Solutions

Having the right amount of wardrobe space can mean the difference between finding the perfect outfit at a moment’s notice and trashing your bedroom in a panic so you won’t be late. In fact, lack of storage space is a problem not only in bedrooms, but also in the home office, bathroom and laundry.

It seems that in our affluence, we […]

Organise Your New Wardrobe

If you are thinking of purchasing a new wardrobe through our team at Budget Shower Screens then you might be interested in learning more about keeping your cupboard organised. Wardrobes easily get cluttered and disorganised as you pull out outfits daily and also place them back in.

It is also easy to put off a task such as decluttering […]

Protect Your Wardrobe And Your Clothes

At Budget Shower Screens we design, manufacture and install stunning wardrobes as well as beautiful mirrors and bathroom shower screens. Laundry and linen cupboards, office cupboards, studies and of course, bedroom cupboards are our specialty when it comes to wardrobes.

Our team of qualified professionals will expertly install your wardrobe so that your clothes can be stylishly stored out […]

Tips on Keeping Your New Shower Screen Clean

With your new shower screen, your bathroom should be looking more modern. Shower screens also help keep the entire bathroom neat and tidy as moisture is limited to the shower or bathtub area only. Less sprinkles of water in the other parts of the bathroom prevents the growth of mildew and moulds on the tiled walls and floor.

The shower screens […]