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Get A Makeover Without The Big Price Tag

There is nothing like a shabby, worn-out bathroom or powder room to spoil the overall ambiance of an otherwise well-kept household. These rooms are in constant daily use and the fixtures, fittings and even the paintwork will inevitably show this wear and tear. Also, the changing styles of décor and colour palettes can make the functional parts of these […]

Avoid Dirty Shower Screens By Regular Cleaning

We all know that keeping our shower screens clean and sparkling lifts the appearance of the entire bathroom. However, keeping them that way requires regular effort, the best cleaning techniques and a basic understanding of the properties of glass.

Simple Solutions Get the Job Done

A quick internet search will find many different methods to clean shower screens, but it is […]

Solving Problems With The Right Shower Glass

Getting the right shower screen is just as important when you are refurbishing as it is when planning a completely new bathroom. It can mean the difference between a place that is functional but unexciting, and a space where you immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Choosing the correct shower glass to suit your needs is just as important […]

Uncluttered Elegance in Modern Shower Screens

Old-fashioned glass shower screens were considered to be one step above plastic shower curtains in homes built 50 or so years ago. At the time, nobody really cared that they had visible reinforcing and it could only be used safely in narrow panels. If your home had a glass shower screen, it was tops.

Clear Glass Panels Create Beautiful Shower Spaces

Fast […]

What Shower Screen is Best For You?

Budget Shower Screens offer three styles of shower screen for you to select from.

They are the Fully Framed Pivot or Slide Door, Semi Framed Pivot Door and Semi Frameless Pivot Door.

The most common question we get asked is what the difference is and why is there a difference in the cost.

Fully Framed Pivot or Slide Door

As the name suggests, the […]

Choose the Right Shower Screen for your Bathroom

Shower screens can enhance the appearance of your bathroom and also protect the walls and floors of your bathroom from possible water damage. There is a wide variety of bath shower screens in retail stores and online. Shower screens normally come in various styles, sizes,shapes and materials. The process of choosing the right shower screen for your bathroom can be […]

Choosing the Right Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

We need to decorate our homes to make them more pleasant, more inviting and extraordinarily livable. The pleasantness of the home should not only make the home interiors appealing to guests and visitors, but it should also be a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and taste.

The bathroom is one of the more important parts of the house that require a […]