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Accident Prevention During Showering for Seniors

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released statistics early this year showing that 125,000 over 65s were seriously injured in falls in the preceding two years, many of which occurred in the bathroom. Often, an elderly person who has a bad fall will break bones or at the very least suffer major bruising. In either event, it can mean […]

A Little Knowledge is Useful When Choosing a Bathroom Mirror


No bathroom is complete without at least one mirror to accessorise the vanity unit or units and provide a useful tool for the occupiers to make themselves presentable to the world. Clever placement of bathroom mirrors can also create the illusion of space by reflecting light around small spaces and influence the décor by the style and design.

Making a Mirror

Choosing […]

Is Your Bedroom Wardrobe A Shambles?

In every well-kept home there is usually one storage space that is not as well organised as the rest of the dwelling. Often, that space is the bedroom wardrobe. After all, who else is going to see it but you?

Start with a Plan

Eventually, though, the mess becomes so bad that you can’t find anything, and that’s the time to tidy […]

7 Reasons Your Water Bill Suddenly Increased

Water usage is a major concern for homeowners and tenants as the costs make up a significant chunk of a household’s monthly financial obligations. Finding out that your water bill suddenly went up is upsetting not only because of the monetary implications but also because of the knowledge that you are contributing to water wastage.

When your monthly water bill is […]

A Wardrobe By Any Other Name

To say that modern technology has transformed both the way we work and the way we live is an obvious understatement. It seems that not a week goes by without news of some new product, research finding, computer program or other invention that further expands the boundaries of human achievement. Many households now own multiple electronic devices such as gaming […]

Why You Should Not Ignore Leaks in Your Home

A water leak in your home is never a good thing, but count yourself lucky if it is in a place that is easily accessible and therefore easily fixed. It is even better if you are handy and can fix the leak yourself, as it saves the cost of calling in a plumber.

There are many […]

Get A Makeover Without The Big Price Tag

There is nothing like a shabby, worn-out bathroom or powder room to spoil the overall ambiance of an otherwise well-kept household. These rooms are in constant daily use and the fixtures, fittings and even the paintwork will inevitably show this wear and tear. Also, the changing styles of décor and colour palettes can make the functional parts of these […]

Are You Afraid To Open Your Wardrobe?

How many times have you gone to your wardrobe to dress for a special occasion, only to moan about not having a thing to wear? Most of us have the same problem. Our wardrobes are jammed with clothing, shoes, belts, scarves and other accessories and we are all far too busy to get them in order.

Poor Wardrobe Storage Inefficient […]

Keeping Your Shower Screen Grunge-Free Is Easy

Fresh water is a precious commodity in Australia, although in times of flood it doesn’t seem so. In some parts of the country the water is the soft kind that doesn’t require a lot of detergent to do the household washing. However, most areas have hard water containing calcium carbonate and other minerals.

How Limescale […]

No One Wants To Get Ready For The Day In A Foggy Bathroom

We have all experienced the frustration of stepping out of a hot shower to use the bathroom mirror to complete our daily grooming routine, only to be confronted with a mirror so totally fogged up that we need to wipe it over before we can see our reflection. Who has time for that at the beginning of […]