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The One Item That Transforms A Bathroom

The bathroom in the average dwelling was once a basic room, clean and functional, but not a place where a householder would spend scarce funds trying to impress visitors with the decor. However, forward to the present day, where the previously humble bathroom has been elevated to a private sanctuary for the occupiers and, at the same time, a public […]

Keep Your Mirrors Looking Beautiful And Scratch Free

There is nothing quite like a well-placed mirror to bring light, depth and lustre to a room. When the space involved is relatively small, such as a bathroom, mirrors make the room look bigger than it is, so when you find the right one, you will want to keep it in pristine condition once it has been installed.

Scratches and Cracks […]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Have you just started a bathroom renovation or are you building a new home and want your bathroom to look chic with up-to-the-minute styling? Either way, you have probably spent hours looking at display bathrooms, getting colour chart samples, example floor plans and brochures to help you design your perfect bathroom.

It Is Decision Time

You now have many important decisions to […]

Is Glass The Only Material Suitable For Shower Screens?

Continued research resulting in improvements in the quality and safety of glass has extended the range of this product well beyond just closing off a window space from the weather. It now has a multitude of uses, and in the case of the humble shower recess, it has been raised from a pokey cubicle to a clean, bright and airy […]

Installation by Experts Makes Economic Sense

There is nothing quite like glass to add a touch of elegance to any interior decorating style. Light bounces off it, making small rooms look bigger, illuminating dark corners and complementing room styling accessories such as art work, vases and wall hangings. In a domestic situation, glass is popular on wardrobe doors, as shower and bath screens, mirrors and on […]

Solving Problems With The Right Shower Glass

Getting the right shower screen is just as important when you are refurbishing as it is when planning a completely new bathroom. It can mean the difference between a place that is functional but unexciting, and a space where you immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Choosing the correct shower glass to suit your needs is just as important […]

Clear or Frosted Glass Bathroom Door: Which Will You Choose?

At the end of the day choosing a bathroom door comes down to personal taste, mostly. However, weighing up the pros and cons of each can help sway your personal taste towards something that is going to be functional for you and suit your needs better.

At Budget Shower Screens we have a stunning range of glass shower screens to choose […]

Why Choose a Frameless Shower Screen

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, then a frameless shower screen may be just the thing for you. A glass screen gives sophistication and class to your bathroom, aside from the functionality it offers. Shower screens can be framed, semi-framed or completely frameless. The choice of shower screen will depend on the effect that you want to […]

Budget Shower Screen Products

The bathroom is a place where you can luxuriate and pamper yourself after a gruelling day at work. This oasis should be more than functional; it should also be beautiful. A beautiful bathroom invites you to relax, unwind and spend some precious me-time for a few minutes.

An elegant glass shower screen is one item to consider when updating the look […]

Bath Screens are all the Rage

The bathroom is a part of the home that allows us a little luxury. Taking a bath lets us relax and unwind after a hard day at the office, taking care of the children or after completing the mundane things that make up our average day.

People are now realising the value of having a modern and high-quality bathroom, so they […]