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Curtains Best Kept in Windows

If your shower recess is currently sporting a shower curtain, it might be time to think about updating it. There are many good reasons why a shower screen is much better than a shower curtain, and being in touch with modern times is one of them. All jokes aside, this article will take a look at why adding a shower […]

Give an Old Bathroom a Quick Facelift with a few Simple Changes

The new housing market is still faltering, and with people reluctant to take on large mortgages, they are choosing instead to renovate their existing home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the areas that get first attention, and are also the most expensive to completely tear apart and rebuild. But often, especially if the house is less than twenty years old, there […]

Using a Frameless Mirror for Your Bathroom

Everybody wants a nice looking bathroom. If you are designing or doing a redesign of your bathroom, adding elements with contemporary design helps to bring out the best in the room. One good way of improving the look of your bathroom is by using a frameless mirror.

Bathrooms, no matter the type, always look better when accessorised with a […]

Why Fitted Wardrobes are better than Free Standing

When installing a wardrobe in the bedroom, you always have to choose between buying a free standing unit or you can choose having a fitted wardrobe built in the room. The difference lies mainly in style and elegance. While both choices give you much freedom in selecting the look to suit your room, fitted wardrobes simply provide a higher level […]

Enhancing the Bathroom with a Glass Shower Screen

One of the more important portion of the home is the bathroom. If you want a fully beautiful home interior, then the bathroom will have to be designed or redesigned to incorporate some elegance and style in it. Aside from using fine tile materials and vanity cabinets, you can further enhance your bathroom by using glass shower screen in […]