Upgrading Your Mirrors? Choose Styles To Suit Your Decor

Mirrors serve several other purposes apart from allowing us to check that we look presentable before going out. Correctly placed, they can make a small room look larger, bounce light around to illuminate dark corners, and add an elegant touch to an otherwise boring decor. Safety mirrors allow us to see around blind corners and prevent collisions, and security mirrors […]

A Quality Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget

As every property owner will confirm, moving in is just the first step in a long relationship with your property, and the way in which you make it a home. This is different for everyone, as we all have varying tastes and differing needs. It also involves making your home a place where family and visitors feel welcome.

Is […]

Using a Frameless Mirror for Your Bathroom

Everybody wants a nice looking bathroom. If you are designing or doing a redesign of your bathroom, adding elements with contemporary design helps to bring out the best in the room. One good way of improving the look of your bathroom is by using a frameless mirror.

Bathrooms, no matter the type, always look better when accessorised with a […]