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Short of Cash? No Problem With These Renovation Suggestions

In this extraordinary year of natural disasters and a global health pandemic, you may be experiencing unexpected financial challenges that have forced you to postpone planned home improvements. However, regular viewers of renovation programs are still going ahead with their plans because they know the tricks used by experts to makeover a room on a budget.

Mid-Range Bathrooms Don’t Need to […]

Small Bathroom? No Worries With These Space Creating Tricks

Unless you have a very large home with ample room sizes not seen in the average dwelling, the chances are that your bathroom, however modern and stylish, is quite small when compared with the rest of your home. Of course, this is nothing unusual, as the bathroom is a functional area designed for specific tasks and not for continuous occupation. […]

A Beautiful Bathroom Is Possible Without A Complete Makeover

The bathrooms of today are a long way from the basic, functional rooms of yesteryear when you consider that many homes did not have a separate room for bathing. Householders relied on a sheet hung across the door for modesty while cleaning themselves in a tub on the kitchen floor.

Modern Bathrooms a Haven for Stress Relief

Nowadays, we prefer to […]

The Right Mirror Is The Finishing Touch

When mirrors are selected carefully for both style and functionality, they add another dimension to the décor, and their ability to reflect light makes them indispensable in a dark room. In a bathroom, mirrors inject personality and lift the character of the whole room. To get the best result, planning is necessary to make the right decision.

Just Had a Water Bill Shock? You May Have a Concealed Leak

Have you ever received a water bill and been shocked at the amount you owe? You know your usage has been around the same as usual. You’ve had no guests staying so no extra showers or washing since the last bill, and yet the meter reading shows consumption you can’t account for.

Hidden Water Leaks can be Costly

That extra […]

A Quality Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget

As every property owner will confirm, moving in is just the first step in a long relationship with your property, and the way in which you make it a home. This is different for everyone, as we all have varying tastes and differing needs. It also involves making your home a place where family and visitors feel welcome.

Is […]

Do You Need A Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

If you are getting your bathroom completely remodelled or want some simple renovations, you might ask yourself if you need ventilation or exhaust fans. Even if your bathroom has a window you should know that exhaust fans are very important.

At Budget Shower Screens we highly recommend that you get an exhaust fan put into your bathroom so that when […]

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Whether you are carrying out a DIY bathroom renovation or having it done professionally you will benefit from some careful planning. Big jobs like renovations don’t come off well without planning and you will avoid costly mistakes if you have a clear idea and outcome in mind.

When it comes to choosing your shower screen you simply can’t go past […]

Recreate Your Interiors Without Breaking the Bank

When moving into a new house or renovating the interiors of your home, choosing the right furniture and fixture designs can be a daunting task. You’d want everything to match your taste and style but, at the same time, avoid unnecessary expenses. You’ll also want to make sure that the materials used are durable and top-quality, and that everything is […]

Helpful Tips on Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a house. If you want a pleasant house, the bathroom has to be designed well. Beautiful bathroom designs are often equated to high costs. If you have the money for renovations, then there would be no problem hiring a professional bathroom designer to come in and help you make a great […]