Bathroom Floors

A Beautiful Bathroom Is Possible Without A Complete Makeover

The bathrooms of today are a long way from the basic, functional rooms of yesteryear when you consider that many homes did not have a separate room for bathing. Householders relied on a sheet hung across the door for modesty while cleaning themselves in a tub on the kitchen floor.

Modern Bathrooms a Haven for Stress Relief

Nowadays, we prefer to […]

Do-It-Yourself Care For Your Bathroom

Regardless of how thorough you are when you clean your bathroom, eventually, it will start to look a little shabby. It is also one of those areas in the house that require regular maintenance, mainly because the surfaces are constantly exposed to heat and steam. Shampoo and soap residue, as well as the oils and hair from our bodies, can […]

Do You Want a Bathroom That is Practical and Attractive?

If you are contemplating getting a new bathroom, but have some budget restrictions limiting your choices, you may be struggling to decide which is most important—beauty or functionality. Well, the good news is that if you get the right supplier and plan your project, you can have both.

Have a Plan and Stick to It

Planning first, before making any commitment to […]

Getting Your Bathroom Décor Choices Right Is Time Well Spent

It is an exciting time for a household when any refurbishment or renovation is being planned. There are lots of decisions needed, much discussion, and let’s face it, even some arguments about styles, colours and finishes. Charts with colours for paint choices, home decorating magazines and fabric samples start appearing on dining room tables, and an air of expectation surrounds […]

Relax and Enjoy Your Beautiful Bathroom

Are your once sleek and stylish bathroom tiles now hidden under mould and discoloured grouting? Keeping the bathroom clean can be challenging, but neglecting this task will result in a build-up of soap scum and grime that not only detracts from the appearance of the room but harbours bacteria.

Regular Cleaning Keeps Bathrooms Looking Pristine

A modern, attractive bathroom […]

Make Your Bathroom a Hazard-free Zone

Every year, over one-third of all accidents in Australia occur in the home with thousands of people injured and many hospitalised as a result. While some of these injuries are caused by fires, many happen while performing normal domestic tasks. A large percentage of these falls are either from heights while cleaning gutters and trimming trees or simply slipping on […]

Well Maintained Tiles Look Great And Last For Years

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most hard-working rooms in any home, with perhaps the laundry coming in a close third. They are all high-traffic areas, subjected to heat, steam, water and grime on a daily basis, and need regular attention to stay looking clean.

Tiles Give Best Protection for Hard Working Bathrooms

Wall and floor tiles offer the best […]

Bathroom Leaks: Don’t Ignore Them

Budget Shower Screens knows that bathroom leaks are no homeowner’s friend. The realisation of their presence can mean anything from a small leak to a catastrophe waiting to happen. For this reason and the fact that you don’t know until you check, never leave a water leak too long once discovered.

There have been homeowners that have spotted mould growing […]

Bathrooms And Safety

We all spend many hours in our bathrooms each day, most of these moments are nondescript hygiene practices. Showering, bathing, brushing your teeth and shaving are just some of the common bathroom activities.

Often we leave the bathroom without a second thought, but other times injuries can happen. Sometimes these are small and other times they can result in a great […]

Keep Bathroom Floors Dry and Non-Slip – Install Glass Shower Screens

Every year, there are hundreds of small accidents in the home that aren’t reported in the media, usually because they are not sensational enough, or haven’t involved a big-name celebrity. The accident stories with the “cute” factor, such as the toddler with his hand caught in the bath plug hole being rescued by the firemen will make news, as will […]