A Great Bathroom Layout Needs More Than Good Looks

Are you designing a bathroom for your new home, or perhaps renovating an old, outdated one? Have you been flicking through magazines and web sites for the latest ideas, colours and finishes? Or do you have some ideas of your own? With so much information available, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

Don’t Sacrifice Functionality for the Latest […]

Think About Child Hazards When Renovating Your Bathroom

Anyone who has had small children in their care will tell you how quickly accidents involving them can occur. Parents and carers must think differently about the hazards around the home, and approach everything from the child’s point of view. They must also understand that a child’s natural curiosity drives what an adult might call risky behaviour.

Young Children […]

Looking For A Wow Factor That Still Looks Classy? Try Glass

Of all the different styles of architecture that have existed since the beginning of recorded history, most of them say something unique about the time and civilization in which they were created. When we think of mystery, for example, the pyramids of Egypt and the tombs of the Pharaohs come to mind. Think of enduring love expressed in stone and […]

Solving Problems With The Right Shower Glass

Getting the right shower screen is just as important when you are refurbishing as it is when planning a completely new bathroom. It can mean the difference between a place that is functional but unexciting, and a space where you immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Choosing the correct shower glass to suit your needs is just as important […]

Well Maintained Tiles Look Great And Last For Years

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most hard-working rooms in any home, with perhaps the laundry coming in a close third. They are all high-traffic areas, subjected to heat, steam, water and grime on a daily basis, and need regular attention to stay looking clean.

Tiles Give Best Protection for Hard Working Bathrooms

Wall and floor tiles offer the best […]

Uncluttered Elegance in Modern Shower Screens

Old-fashioned glass shower screens were considered to be one step above plastic shower curtains in homes built 50 or so years ago. At the time, nobody really cared that they had visible reinforcing and it could only be used safely in narrow panels. If your home had a glass shower screen, it was tops.

Clear Glass Panels Create Beautiful Shower Spaces

Fast […]

Shower Screen Installation: Why Choose A Professional

There is plenty of DIY shows and stores around so that those who are competent or feeling adventurous can fix up items around their home themselves. However, DIY is not always the best option. Sometimes in life there are things for which you should call in the professionals.

One such thing is shower screen installation. Our team at Budget Shower […]

Bathroom Leaks: Don’t Ignore Them

Budget Shower Screens knows that bathroom leaks are no homeowner’s friend. The realisation of their presence can mean anything from a small leak to a catastrophe waiting to happen. For this reason and the fact that you don’t know until you check, never leave a water leak too long once discovered.

There have been homeowners that have spotted mould growing […]

Organise Your New Wardrobe

If you are thinking of purchasing a new wardrobe through our team at Budget Shower Screens then you might be interested in learning more about keeping your cupboard organised. Wardrobes easily get cluttered and disorganised as you pull out outfits daily and also place them back in.

It is also easy to put off a task such as decluttering […]

Preventing Clogged Drains Made Easy

Beautiful bathrooms are everyone’s dream. Because it is the room in the home where we get ourselves clean and often ready for the day or evening it’s nice to have everything looking smart and working perfectly.

When it comes to your bathroom mirrors and shower screens we at Budget Shower Screens have you covered. But when it comes to […]