Watch any of the current real estate programs and you will soon realise that trying to sell a home with very little wardrobe space is an uphill battle. Everyone needs more places to store all the possessions they have accumulated. People inspecting dwellings to either buy or rent are now looking closely at storage space along with all the usual other requirements.

Clever Thinking Does Not Mean Compromising

Whether you are buying a new property, building from scratch or renovating your existing dwelling, this is the perfect opportunity to rethink how you use wardrobe space. Often though, the wardrobe space you want is restricted by the size of the bedroom. However, with some thought and the use of clever design ideas, you may not have to compromise too much to get the wardrobe you desire.

We know a little bit about wardrobes at Budget Shower Screens. Although we specialise in shower screens and mirrors, we also install wardrobes. Our wardrobe doors come in 2, 3 or 4 track systems in a range of materials and they are available framed and semi-frameless.

Create Useable Space with Inserts

In a modern wardrobe, whatever space there is must be useable, so that inserts such as shelving, hanging rails, drawers, shoe and trouser racks, hampers and other accessories are essential to create different storage options. These options also help to keep the wardrobe organised, with a place for everything and everything in its place, to quote the past.

Nestle the Bed Head between Cupboards

What do you do, though, if you have installed a new wardrobe, and there are still items languishing without a home? If they are bedroom items, one idea is to use the space normally wasted by a headboard to add shelving and a wall of cupboards. The head of the bed nestles between two sets of cupboards, and wall lights take the place of bedside lamps to keep the space uncluttered.

Don’t Waste the Space under the Bed

Not all storage needs to be in a wardrobe. The space under the bed is often forgotten as a storage option, but it is the perfect place to store seasonal items like blankets, winter jumpers etc. Simply buy a couple of bins on castors, fill them up and slide them under the bed.

Shelves to the Ceiling

A small room with an unused corner invites the installation of corner shelving, and not just up to eye level. Why stop there when you can have shelves all the way to the ceiling, for secure, dust-free storage of items you only access once or twice a year. Add these ideas to your existing wardrobes and get all the storage space you need.