Most people would agree that the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in any dwelling, as well as being the one that is most often taken for granted. It is a major wet area, prone to mould and mildew, and assaulted by water, steam, grime, toothpaste, soap scum, various shampoos, and other personal treatment products.

Cost Effective Bathroom Face Lift

Tiled floors and walls make cleaning easier for occupants, but the shower, as the most used part of the bathroom, is also the most difficult to keep looking shiny and inviting. Many building owners finally get to the point where they realise that updating the shower is the most efficient and cost-effective way to lift the appearance of a bathroom that is beginning to look tired.

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When a Full Renovation is Too Expensive

There are a couple of ways to approach updating your shower, depending on your budget. Of course, there is the complete renovation with the entire shower cubicle taken out and replaced. This involves considerable disruption and more money than you may wish to spend.

Concentrate on the Shower Cubicle

The other option, assuming that the rest of the shower cubicle is in good condition, is to replace the shower screen. Regardless of how fastidious the bathroom cleaning regime is, over time the glass and the framing can become shabby, still looking clean but without that brand-new sparkle. This diminishes the overall look of the rest of the room.

Include New Fittings

If the budget allows, this is the time to update the shower fittings. Fashions change and for a shower some years old, the taps and shower head, while functional, are most likely out of date. Careful selection will get products that are modern but still a reasonable match for the other tap wear, which may not need replacing. However, to obtain a co-ordinated look, replace all the tap wear at the same time.

Don’t Forget the Floor and Walls

The shower floor should also be considered as part of this update. Re-grouting a tiled floor gets rid of old, stained grout, while a plastic tray can be resprayed with a special, fit-for-purpose paint. A quick repaint of the surrounding walls costs little, complements the work already done and completes the shower update at a reasonable cost.