No bathroom is complete without at least one mirror to accessorise the vanity unit or units and provide a useful tool for the occupiers to make themselves presentable to the world. Clever placement of bathroom mirrors can also create the illusion of space by reflecting light around small spaces and influence the décor by the style and design.

Making a Mirror

Choosing the right mirror for the right bathroom space, however, is not a simple matter, and it helps to know how plain glass is turned into the different styles of mirrors we have in our homes. These days, mirrors are made by coating flat glass on one side with a reflective coating, typically silver, and painted over several times. This glass is then processed like any other glass i.e. cut to size and the edges polished, bevelled or treated in some other manner.

Bathroom Mirrors Must Withstand Moisture

Many people place an ordinary mirror in their bathroom, perhaps as a cost saving and often because they do not realise that bathroom mirrors need careful selection. These mirrors are constantly exposed to a moist and humid environment, so they should have extra features not found in ordinary mirrors.

There is a set of Australian Standards to offer guidance as to what is required, and part of the recommendations are that mirrors in wet areas are to be either backed with vinyl or adhered to some other surface. If the mirror breaks, all the pieces will be held together, and not shattered on tiled surfaces, thus causing a safety hazard.

Here at Budget Shower Screens we have a range of bathroom mirrors available, allowing our clients to choose between framed, semi-framed and frameless styles. All our mirrors are suitable for bathrooms, powder rooms and as design features. Some are suitable for tiled recesses, some come with exposed or concealed fittings and others offer frames in powder coated or anodised finishes.

What Are Black Spots?

A mirror that is not suitable for a bathroom is much more likely to develop black spots, called de-silvering. This happens when moisture gets between the reflective coating and the glass, and if left unattended, it can spread and completely spoil the appearance of the mirror. Some frameless mirrors are especially susceptible to de-silvering as this process often starts at the mirror edge.

If you are selecting a mirror for your bathroom, our framed or semi-framed range offers plenty of variety. Our frameless products will also work well in the bathroom and they are perfect for other parts of the home, especially if you are looking for a modern, elegant, minimalist look.